Pioneer Infantry

Pioneer infantryman

Pioneers are American settlers who want to make a new life for themselves by migrating westwards during the Westward Expansion Period of 1783~1825, when the United States expanded its territory all the way to the Pacific coast. Pioneers were mainly immigrants who wanted to settle in the west, to make farms and thus make money and make a life for themselves.


Pioneers are not to different from settlers, except that they are emigres and not people that build new towns in territory that was already explored. "To pioneer" means to invent something new or to march to the beat of a different drummer. Pioneer males were relied on to defend the family and the homestead, bearing arms to defend their loved ones. Pioneer militias and Pioneer Raiders were famous for their Indian-fighting skills, encroaching into their lands to set up forts, settlements, and farmlands. The Pioneers made (and subsequently broke) their promises made to the Indians, taking over all of North America by 1825, when the Westward Expansion period ended and the modern period began. By then, there were few pioneers left, as they were content with the lands that they had already explored. However, some pioneers went on to build forts such as Fort Hoo in Texas, and build cities in several unexplored areas.