Otho (28 April 32-16 April 169) was the Emperor of the Roman Empire from 15 January to 16 April 169, succeeding Galba and preceding Vitellius.


Otho was from a noble Etruscan family, and he became the Governor of Lusitania (present-day Portugal) under the Roman Empire after Emperor Nero took Otho's wife Poppaea Sabina and sent him to the far-away land at Poppaea's request. Otho gained the support of discontented Praetorian Guard soldiers in 169 and overthrew Galba, the murderer of Nero, and he became the second emperor in the Year of the Four Emperors. Otho faced a rebellion by Vitellius, who beat him twice at Bedriacum. Otho wanted to avoid civil war, so he stabbed himself in the heart with a dagger that he hid under his pillow, dying as his attendants rushed in. Vitellius became the next emperor.