Juan Ponce de Leon (1474-July 1521) was the first Governor of Puerto Rico, secretly guided by the Knights Templar


Ponce de Leon dead

Ponce de Leon dead

Ponce de Leon was from Valladolid and in 1493 took part in Christofo Colombo's expedition to the New World in the islands of the Caribbean. However, he soon became an individual explorer during the Age of Discovery and became the Governor of Puerto Rico.

In 1510, he accused a freed slave and translator for the Colonial army, Alonso Carlo, of plotting an assassination attempt against him, and ordered Carlo to be hanged. However, Carlo escaped with his adopted son Miguel Ramon Carlo de Lugo to Florida.

In 1521, he led an expedition to find the Fountain of Youth. During this quest, he was greeted by Miguel Ramon Carlo de Lugo, then an Assassin, who tried to convince him to turn back. After de León refused, he was struck by a poisoned arrow and later died of its effects.