Ibrahim al-Rubaish
Ibrahim al-Rubaish (7 July 1979-12 April 2015) was the mufti of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, managing their handling of sharia law. He was involved in the planning of al-Qaeda attacks and was once held at Gitmo before he was killed in a drone strike on 12 April 2015.


Ibrahim al-Rubaish was born on 7 July 1979 in Buraydah, Saudi Arabia. He joined al-Qaeda, and on 13 December 2006 he was captured on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan before being transferred to Saudi Arabia. Rubaish was once held and released at Gitmo (Guantanamo Bay) by the United States for his membership of al-Qaeda, and in 2013 he called for a jihad against America and Iran. On 12 April 2015 Rubaish was killed in a CIA drone strike near al-Mukalla, Yemen.