Eberhard Ludwig
Eberhard Ludwig I of Wurttemberg (1676-1706) was the King of Wurttemberg from 1692 to 1706, and was a member of the so-called "Grand Alliance" against the Kingdom of France. In 1706, his country was conquered and he died in exile in the Kingdom of Russia.


Eberhard Ludwig was born to Wilhelm Ludwig I of Wurttemberg, and was the brother of future monarch Louis Eugene. In 1692, after the death of Wilhelm, Eberhard became the King of Wurttemberg, which became a wealthy nation that had a strong and large military. Eberhard Ludwig joined the "Grand Alliance" in 1701, and his nation conquered Alsace-Lorraine. In 1706, Wurttemberg was occupied by the Kingdom of France, and Eberhard Ludwig escaped captivity, running away to Russia, who proudly accepted him. He died of frostbite in Babryusk.