Alfredo Oscar Saint Jean
Alfredo Oscar Saint Jean (11 November 1926-2 September 1987) was President of Argentina from 18 June to 1 July 1982, succeeding Leopoldo Galtieri and preceding Reynaldo Bignone.


Alfredo Oscar Saint Jean was born in Chascomus, Buenos Aires, Argentina on 11 November 1926, and he entered the military in 1944, rising to the rank of Major-General. In 1981, President Leopoldo Galtieri appointed him as Interior Minister, and he briefly served as President from 18 June to 1 July 1982 after Galtieri's ouster following the disastrous end to the Falklands War. On 1 July 1982, he was succeeded as Presient by Reynaldo Bignone. He died in 1987 at the age of 60.